Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sketch Number 6

It's income tax time for me and I feel like a monster so the ad this week is so approriate. Isn't this ad totally 50's? Remember all those hoaky monster movies from back then? This ad would be so typical in an comic book. With this ad I wanted to take something ugly and make it pretty. Do you ladies like this format side by side or do you prefer a larger sketch. Let me know Tell me do you like this layout with the sketch and the ad side by side or do you prefer them under each other? Let me know please! Here is a layout of my granddaughter who is a monster and a princess! LOL Look at the great layout Mars did for me, and just in time for our snow we got yesterday here in PA.
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Ruth Ellen said...

Another fabulous sketch!! I am keeping them all in a binder!!

Ruth Ellen said...

OK, I like it when you post the ad and then we scroll down to see how you have turned it into a sketch :)